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Residential Parking Permits

·        Residents with a legal address within a paid parking area of Reykjavík where there is not a car park can apply for a residential parking permit.

·        The tenant must provide proof of a registered lease as well as the consent of the owner of the apartment.

·        The applicant must be the registered owner or keeper of the vehicle in the Icelandic Transport Authority.

·        A vehicle should not be longer than 5.3 meters or wider than 2.0 meters.

·        The applicant must be debt free with Bílastæðasjóður.

·        Approval is authorized for one parking permit per apartment.

·        Residential parking permits are approved for one year at a time although never longer than the validity of the rental lease.

·        The yearly fee for a residential parking permit is 8000 kr. If a cancellation is requested because of the sale of a vehicle etc. then the annual fee will be reduced for each full month remaining until the expiration date on the original card, for a maximum of 8 months. 

Note that this list is not exhaustive, the regulations in their entirety are stated below.

 Form for apartment owner's approval



 Residential Parking Permits in Reykjavík

The City Council has approved new regulations on residential parking permits with the following zoning map over parking permit zones during a meeting on May 21, 2015, cf. 2. Article 83. Traffic law no. 50/1987:


1.   Residents that have their legal address in certain areas of Reykjavík, cf. par.,2, and where there is no available parking on the lot, can apply to purchase a residential parking permit card (from now on referred to as a parking permit) at Bílastæðasjóður Reykjavík. The applicant must be the owner of the property or spouse according to the national registrar, a relative or tenant with a registered rental contract. A relative includes a child, parent, sibling, or grandchild. If the applicant is a tenant, they must present a notarized lease agreement with the application and must always submit the consent of the owner of the apartment when the applicant is not registered as the official owner.

2.   Residential parking permits provide authorization to park a vehicle free of extra charges within a paid parking area. Parking permits are for the areas where the applicant resides and not in paid parking Zone 4 and other specific streets and areas in Zone 1. (More information on paid parking zones on Bílastæðasjóður website.) Residents of paid parking zones can get parking permits that are valid for the areas adjacent to their residence. Valid parking zones for parking permits are defined on the zoning map related to these regulations.

3.   The number of parking spaces to be allocated on a plot of land is determined by a partitioning plan; it is required that some open parking spaces on a property not be allocated. The city of Reykjavik has reserved the right to charge for parking permit fees for spaces needed and that are not allocated. Because these areas have been reserved, it is not authorized to issue more residential parking permits than for the spaces they paid for. The partitioning plan does not consider new constructions sites for assignments of parking spaces. Therefore, it is not applicable to issue parking permits to residents on this land. Parking spaces on the land of all common areas are not applicable for residential parking permits unless there is a property settlement statement or a deed of partition signed by all the owners of the site.

4.   The applicant must be the registered owner or keeper of the vehicle reg with the Icelandic Transport Authority. The vehicle must have a valid Icelandic license plate number. If an applicant for a residential parking permit is a co-owner or keeper of a vehicle with other partners and drivers, they must be registered with the same legal address; this is in exception to vehicles financed by financing companies or ones that are being leased. Parking permits are not intended for vehicles that are longer than 5.3 meters or wider than 2.0 meters.

5.   Authorization is for only one parking permit for each apartment. The applicant must be debt-free with Bílastæðasjóður. It is prohibited to issue more than one residential parking permit per social security number. This rule also applies, even if the applicant is the registered owner of more than one apartment or more than one vehicle. Information regarding the apartment must be consistent with its information at the Property Registration Authority. It is prohibited to transfer a residential parking permit or use it for another vehicle. Bílastæðasjóður has the authorization to withdraw residential parking permits.

6.   The license number, expiration date, and the assigned number of the cardholder are printed on the resident´s parking permit card. The card must be placed in the interior of the vehicle´s windshield and on the driver´s side so that it is legible from the outside.

7.   You can find applications for residential parking permit cards on the website Bílastæðasjóður Reykjavíkur; there you can access the necessary information about parking permits.

8.   The parking permit card is issued for one year at a time. The permit does not exceed the time on the housing lease. cf. par 1.  Parking permits are to be paid for in advance. The same applies when renewing a permit. Reductions may occur in the case of a re-issue because of changes in the license plate number, then the annual fee will be reduced each full month of the remaining term of the original card, for a maximum of 8 months. If a cardholder has a change of circumstances, such as moving, the sale of the vehicle or other reasons that cause the conditions for the permit card to be no longer applicable they must return the permit card to Bílastæðasjóður Reykjavik. Residential parking permits cards are non-refundable.

9.   Misuse of the card results in immediate revocation of the permit without a refund of any remaining validity. The holder of the card has then forfeited their right to be issued a residential parking permit for 2 years.


These regulations take effect upon its publication in the Official Journal and shall replace the expired regulations, cf. Notice no. 537/2010.

The Mayor of Reykjavík, 21 May 2015.





Reykjavík Zoning Map- Allocated Parking Permit Zones 2015


Residental Permits are not valid on Laugavegur, Skólavörðustígur between Laugavegur and Bergstaðastræti, Bergstaðastræti between Laugavegur and Skólvörðustígur, at car park Bergstaðstræti 6 and in Kvosin (Lækjargata, Kirkjutorg, Pósthússtræti, Austurstræti, Hafnarstræti, Veltusund, Kirkjustræti,  Aðalstræti, Tryggvagata and Naustin)

Zone A- bounded by Túngata, Holtsgata, Ánanaust, Rastargata in-line to Suðurbugt, Naustin, Tryggvagata, Grófin, Mjóstræti and Aðalstræti. Zone A Map 

Zone B- bounded by Lækjargata, Fríkirkjuvegur, Skothúsvegur, Hellusund, Bergstaðastræti, Bjargarstígur, Freyjugata, Njarðargata, Frakkastígur, Laugavegur and Bankastræti at Lækjargata. Zone B Map 

Zone C- bounded by Lækjargata, Bankastræti, Laugavegur, Frakkastígur and Sæbraut. Zone C map

Zone D- bounded by Sóleyjargata, Skothúsvegur, Hellusund, Bergstaðastræti, Bjargarstígur, Freyjugata and Njarðargata to Sóleyjargata. Zone D map 

Zone E- bounded by Frakkastígur, Laugavegur, Snorrabraut and Sæbraut.  Zone E Map 

Zone F- bounded by Frakkastígur, Laugavegur, Snorrabraut, Egilsgata and in-line between Egilsgata and Frakkastígur. Zone F map

Zone G- bounded by Snorrabraut, Laugavegur, Kringlumýrarbraut and Sæbraut.  Zone G map.

Zone H- bounded by Snorrabraut, Laugavegur, Nóatún, Langahlíð and Miklabraut Zone H map

Zone I- bounded by Sóleyjargata, Njarðargata, in-line between Njarðargata and Egilsgata, Egilsgata, Þorfinnsgata, Eggertsgata and Barónsstígur at Sóleyjargata. Zone I map

Zone J-  bounded by Suðurgata, Þorragata, Njarðargata and Hringbraut. Zone J map.

Zone K- bounded by Túngata, Holtsgata, Ánanaust, Hringbraut, Bjarkargata, Tjarnargata, Vonarstræti and Suðurgata. Zone K map